Custom Surgical Solutions®

Custom Surgical Solutions®

Customized Products

MedCAD® Customized Products are innovative patient-specific devices and tools based on patient scan data. The products are individually designed to meet clinical needs of a patient as prescribed by a surgeon, reducing risk and OR time. Utilize MedCAD clinical engineering to customize cranial maxillofacial health care products.

Surgical Planning

AccuPlan® Surgical Planning brings together a resource network of biomedical engineering, design software, and hardware tools to virtually plan clinical operations. Preoperative planning helps define measurable variables within a surgery with the ability to review the case prior to entering the operating room.

At MedCAD, we create patient-specific devices using innovative 3D planning techniques in order to empower and pioneer the delivery of personalized health care.

Fast Turnaround

Trauma cases and other time-sensitive surgeries often require immediate, customized solutions that can’t wait around for lengthy processes. MedCAD Fast Track expedites your domestic case to meet urgency needs within our fast-turn protocol. Learn More >

Clinical Engineering

With surgeon input, MedCAD biomedical engineers provide a customized solution for a specific patient using digital representations of their anatomy. Customized Surgical Solutions allow for a variety of product applications (i.e. orthognathic splints or PEEK implants) based on surgeon preference and clinical strategy. Surgeon input is gathered through a brief online meeting with MedCAD. Learn more >

MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions
MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

Patient-Specific Solutions

MedCAD leverages individual patient scan data to develop patient-specific products. Customized implants, surgical planning, and 3D models surpass their generic counterparts by making medicine personal again. MedCAD medical devices are planned and designed to work specifically with a single person’s anatomy to the benefit of both patient and doctor. Learn more >

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June 22, 2017

Syndromic Neuro 3D Model with PEEK Implant

A unique Custom Surgical Solution involved a syndromic patient requiring a two-piece PEEK implant and 3D anatomical models. In this case, patient growth expanded the frontal […]
June 16, 2017
MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

Custom PEEK Orbitocranial Implant

Complex cranial reconstructive procedures are often required as a result of cranial trauma, bone flap removal (or bone flap failure), and pre-existing mesh removal. AccuShape customized […]

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