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At MedCAD, we strive to innovate safe, effective devices and provide quality surgical plans
In order to empower and pioneer the health industry in delivering revolutionary patient care.

MedCAD custom surgical solutions press beyond the cutting edge of technology as the premiere custom PEEK engineering firm.
Coupled with 3D printed solutions, MedCAD provides revolutionary patient-specific devices preferable to the industry standard. MedCAD operates to be the most sales-friendly medical company in the world, consequently meeting distributor needs. MedCAD implants and model aides complement titanium plating lines due to the customized nature of the products.

Spine 3D modelACS cranial implant          AccuPlan Surgical Planning

  • 3D Models – AccuModel 3D models assist in the visualization of patient anatomy. MedCAD engineers use 3D printers to provide high definition 3D models.
  • PEEK Implants – AccuShape PEEK Patient-Specific Cranial Implants are individually sized and shaped implantable prosthetic cranioplasty plates intended to correct defects/replace voids in the cranial skeleton of a specific patient. PEEK implants are designed using patient anatomy.
  • Surgical Planning – The AccuPlanTM Surgical Planning Suite consists of biomedical engineering consultation via web meeting and a deliverable AccuPlanTM Report. The report displays procedural images and measurements determined by the surgeon through the planning process.
    Product deliverables are available depending on procedure. The AccuPlanTM Surgical Planning Suite aides product components like AccuModelTM 3D Medical Models, AccuShapeTM PEEK implants, and surgical planning.
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