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At MedCAD, we strive to innovate safe, effective devices and provide quality surgical plans
In order to empower and pioneer the health industry in delivering revolutionary patient care.

MedCAD custom surgical solutions is a reputable and renowned PEEK engineering company, the mission of which is to deliver patient-oriented devices of the top notch quality. The company has rich experience in this industry and hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world.

MedCAD considers the health of their patients a top priority and develops the most compelling surgical solutions that cater to the highest industry standards. This is what makes them one of the leading sales-friendly manufacturers that struggle for meeting the needs of distributers across the globe. The model aids and PEEK implants designed by MedCAD feature the unique product nature that complements titanium-plating lines.

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As of today, MedCAD focuses on providing:

  • PEEK Implants, which are manufactured with regard to the individual requirements of a patient. Each implant is specially modeled to fit the required sizes and shapes of the plates used for performing cranioplasty surgeries. These implants are applied to correct the imperfections or irregularities in the human skull and are developed with regard to the specific anatomic features of a patient.
  •  3D Models, which are designed by the qualified MedCAD specialists on 3-dimensional printers, provide HD images and help visualize the anatomy of a patient.
  • Surgical Planning provided by the company enable the medical professionals to develop the plan of the surgical interventions using the high-tech devices and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of each and every patient. With this purpose, MedCAD specialists have developed the first-class planning service that delivers the most essential elements, including the PEEK implants, surgical planning as well as 3D models.
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