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Upload a CT for quick processing after a Service Request.
For questions or instructions, please contact us.

Upload CT

Upload a CT for a Faster Response

Computer CT Upload:

Step 1: Insert CD

Step 2: Locate and right-click “DICOM” folder and save as .ZIP file.

  • The correct “DICOM” folder might not be labeled as “DICOM.”
  • The correct folder will have files inside with .DCM or .IMG names and the folder will usually be more than 40MB (to check folder size, right click and select “properties” or “get info”).
  • Most DICOM folders are around 100-200MB.
  • DICOM.DIR is not the DICOM data folder.
  • If you need assistance, please call our office at +1 (214) 453-8864.

How to Save DICOM as a .ZIP folder:
Windows: Right Click folder > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder > Agree to place on Desktop
Mac: Right Click folder > Compress “[Folder Name]” > Agree to place on Desktop

Step 3: Once DICOM folder is in .ZIP format, choose it in the file uploader.

Help: For help with the Upload Process, please call our office.

FedEx CT

Print Instant FedEx Shipping Label

Print FedEx Label at Home:

Step 1: Fill out fields to the right and click “Create.”

Step 2: Click “Download” then print.

Step 3: Ship CT with printed label.

Print at FedEx Office (Paperless):

Step 1: Fill out fields to the right and check the box “Send barcode to email.”

Step 2: Click “Create” and check your email.

Step 3: Scan provided barcode at FedEx office and use to ship CT.


Shipments using the tool above have a maximum weight limit of one pound. If you need to ship using an alternative method, please send shipments to:

Attn: Receiving Dept
501 S 2nd Ave.
Suite A-1000
Dallas, TX 75226

Generate FedEx Label