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Tactile Surgical Planning Aide  |  High Definition

More Colors, Clearer Information  |  Increase Confidence

AccuModel® Features

Tactile Surgical Planning Aide

3D models turn 2D CT scan data into a physical representation of patient anatomy with the ability to contrast clinically relevant radiological data using different materials. Anatomical models are useful for reference in surgical planning and can act as fit models for guides and plating.

High Definition

28 micron layers highlight features of high definition patient anatomy in a visual, tactile way. MedCAD biomedical engineers replicate patient data by using precision 3D printing technology.

More Colors, Clearer Information

Multi-color materials allow for 80+ color variations highlighting patient-specific anatomical regions of interest. The models are fully UV cured, maintaining high definition shape and consistent color over time.

Increase Confidence

3D visualization of an individual’s anatomy prior to surgery can contribute to increased patient education, understanding, and confidence. Review a model for advanced surgery preparation. Less risk, better outcome, and more informed surgical teams translate into saved OR time.

AccuModel® Tech Specs

AccuModel® Patient-Specific Anatomical Models provide vivid, tactile 3D representations of patient anatomy, highlighting multiple internal and external structures differentiated by a variety of colored materials. Physical 3D models easily represent patient anatomy compared to the flatness of radiological data on two-dimensional screens. Study an AccuModel days before the surgery and consider your surgical plan. Quickly bring a team up to speed about a case using 3D models or educate a patient about their upcoming procedure with better tactile understanding.

AccuModel® Advantages

Patient-Specific 3D Model

Physically Contrast Radiological Data

High Definition Model

UV Stable (Won't turn pink)

Multi-Color, Standard, and Single-Color Options

Figure AV.3 - AccuModel representing conjoined twins slides together to show both current and planned anatomy. The livers were designed to detach in order to better see the anatomy behind them.

More Colors, Clearer Information

80+ hue combinations are available to distinguish individual patient anatomy in AccuModel® Anatomical Models. Contrast teeth from tumors, nerves from demarcation lines, osteotomies, bone grafts, pathologies, measurements, patient ID, and vasculature with AccuModel® Multi-Color. Clearly view the difference between impacted teeth and tumors. With surgeon approval, MedCAD can also replicate MRI data to model soft-tissue data like dura, internal organs or vasculature.

Complex 3D Models: In 2014, MedCAD produced a life-size 3D printed model of a set of conjoined twins. The CT and MRI scans were overlapped and the data was separated into two parts – digitally dividing the twins based on their personal anatomy. The surgical staff was then able to reference the model as they planned a delicate surgery, which ultimately resulted in a successful separation. See the full story >

AccuModel® Color Options

AccuModel® Multi-Color MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions
Models utilize the spectrum of available materials to consistently show patient-specific anatomy with a clear view of internal and external features.

AccuModel® StandardMedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions
Models are made with OsteoWhite and OsteoClear 3D printed material at 28 micron layers to replicate patient anatomy in high detail.

AccuModel® Single-Color
Opaque models are made with an off-white 3D printed material ideal for tactile visualization of superficial patient anatomy.

AccuModel® Integrates well with other MedCAD product lines. Pair an AccuModel Full Skull with a PEEK implant, or a maxilla/mandible model with orthognathic surgery planning. 3D models and surgical planning go hand-in-hand, as you’ll find several 3D models included in an AccuPlan® Reconstruction or Trauma kit. With digital patient anatomy, we can 3D print any patient data that matches our scan protocol.

AccuModel® Resources

AccuModel® Brochure Preview

MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

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