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AccuShape® Features

Fast Delivery

PEEK implants average 5 days from CT upload for delivery, with expedited options as fast as 24 hours. Contact us to learn more.

Easy Ordering

Easily order a cranial implant through our online service request and CT upload portal.

Customized Design

Implant is digitally designed to minimize modification needed in the operating room. Specify hole placement, edge type, and more.

PEEK Material

PEEK compares well with the characteristics of natural cortical bone. The material is compatible with commercially available surgical tools and titanium fixation systems.

AccuShape® Tech Specs

AccuShape® PEEK Cranial Implants are patient-specific cranioplasty plates designed with the edge customized to individual patient anatomy. MedCAD biomedical engineers use the patient CT scan data to design the implant according to the preferences and clinical input of the surgeon. The cortical-bone-like characteristics of PEEK polymer make AccuShape® ideal for patient-specific cranioplasty solutions.

AccuShape® Advantages

PEEK (poly-ether-ether-ketone)


Comparable to cortical bone

Steam autoclavable and gamma radiation resistant


AccuShape® cranial implants fill bony voids with a PEEK polymer material comparable to the characteristics of cortical bone. The implant is derived from patient CT scan data, which MedCAD verifies and approves according to the CT scan protocol. MedCAD biomedical engineers will then construct a preliminary design according to surgeon input and preference, which is then approved by the surgeon. AccuShape® PEEK implants have customizable edge design for patient-matched solutions and can be fixated with commercially available titanium plating and screws.

PEEK Implant Hole Design: options for fixation holes matching titanium plate configurations and dura-tack-up hole patterns. Dura Tack Up Holes are 1.5mm in diameter. AccuShape Cranial Implants also include 2mm drainage holes.

Edge Retraction Options: AccuShape Cranial Implants have three primary customizable options of edge design. The edge-to-edge design slightly overlaps the patient anatomy, the default design is relatively flush with patient anatomy (most common), and the retracted design tapers the edge as prescribed.

One-Day “Fast Track” Delivery of a cranial implant requires 24 hour notice and a 9am (Central Standard Time) CT upload to the MedCAD server. Complete case information and design approval times are customer factors that vary in the Fast Track process, so filling out a MedCAD Service Request helps reinforce the quick delivery.

Implant Holes

Figure ACS.3 - AccuShape Cranial Implants include (#2) drainage holes with options for (#1) fixation and (#3) dura tack up holes.

Edge Retraction Options

Left: Edge-to-Edge | Middle: Default | Right: Retracted

Ready to Get Started?

We understand that your time is important. Complete a Service Request and upload your CT for quick processing.


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