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February 7, 2014
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February 3, 2016

3 New Tools Medical Reps Will Love

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Good start to the year as medical device company MedCAD begins an early rollout of updates seeking to meet the needs of their valued representatives. Exceeding growth records and expanded product lines encouraged the company to champion their sales reps, with a goal to be the "most sales-friendly medical device company in the world."

We designed 3 new tools to enhance the MedCAD sales process designed from direct feedback - all located on the front page for ease of use.

1. Upload CT Tool

Uploading a CT is by far the fastest way to get your case started. Instantly get your case in front of our biomedical engineers with zero shipping cost through our HIPAA compliant uploader. (PC Friendly)
Upload CT

2. FedEx CT Tool

CD drives can be hard to come by. If you're on the go and need a quick FedEx label, this is the tool for you. Click the link, fill out the form and instantly get a printable label, on us, for all domestic cases. There's even a paperless bar code version that you can scan and print at a FedEx store. (PC & Mobile Friendly)
FedEx CT

3. Forward Link Tool

Sometimes as a representative, it's difficult to get hands on a CT, much less get it where it needs to go. With this tool, you can quickly draft an email to send to radiology with instructions for sending the CT data. (PC & Mobile Friendly)
Forward Link


For even greater accessibility, add as an app icon on your phone, or bookmark the site on your browser.

Do you have other ideas or feedback for MedCAD? Let us know at
We'd love to hear from you.


Parker Smith,
Product Marketing Coordinator | MedCAD