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June 30, 2017
MedCAD 2017 Year in Review
January 4, 2018

AccuShape Surgeon Brochure Release (with Download)

AccuShape Surgeon Brochure MC-176 Rev A 17-07 Release

The new MedCAD AccuShape Surgeon Brochure contains a one page front-and-back information flyer outlining benefits, specifications, and workflow for AccuShape Cranial Implants. Useful for product education and visualization.

Other useful resources: CMF CT Scanning Protocol, MedCAD Online Service Request, AccuShape Instructions for Use (IFU), AccuShape 510(k)

Surgeon Brochure Outline:

MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions


  • Customizable hole features on implant including drainage holes, dura tack up holes, and fixation holes
  • PEEK compatibility with commercial titanium neuro plating systems
  • Edge retraction in temporalis region to assist in implant placement
  • Implant design based on patient CT scan data
  • Value
    • Fast implants (as soon as 24 hours) are available within our Fast Turn Protocol
    • Customizable design of implants
    • Strong, durable PEEK material is similar to cortical bone, making it ideal for cranioplasty solutions
  • Contact information


  • Product Overview
    • AccuShape® PEEK Cranial Implants are patient-specific cranioplasty plates designed to fit precisely with individual patient anatomy. MedCAD designers use the patient CT scan data to design the implant according to the clinical input of the surgeon. PEEK polymer is comparable in strength to cortical bone, making AccuShape® ideal for patient-specific cranioplasty solutions.
  • Uses
    • Cranioplasty
    • Cosmesis
    • Bone Flap Replacement
    • Bony Void Filler
  • Benefits
    • Save time with patient-specific implant designed to fit defect with minimal modification
    • Compatible with commercial titanium neuro plating systems
    • Alternative to bone flap risks
  • PEEK Material
    • Strength comparable to cortical bone
    • Biocompatible
    • Bio-inert
    • Radiolucent
  • Imaging Sources
    • CT or CBCT Scan Data
    • 1.25mm slice thickness (see CT protocol)
    • Upload CT at
    • FedEx CT to 501 S 2nd Ave, Suite A-1000, Dallas, TX 75226
  • Average Delivery Times
    • Standard 4-5 business days*
    • Fast Track 24 hours – 3 business days*
      *Dependent on customer data and surgeon approval times
  • AccuShape PEEK Implant Specifications
    • Drainage Holes, 2.0mm diameter, optional, default
    • Tack Up Holes*, 1.5mm diameter, optional, not default
    • Fixation Holes*, 1.1mm diameter, optional, not default
      *Additional Placement Details Required
  • Custom Surgical Solution Flow Chart
    • Input: timeframe is customer dependent to submit service request and upload/FedEx CT
    • Design: timeframe takes 0-2 days on average to design implant and send to surgeon for approval
    • Approval: timeframe is customer dependent for surgeon to communicate design approval or change request to MedCAD (for change request, return to design)
    • Output: timeframe takes 1-3 days on average to manufacture and ship to customer

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