Biomedical Engineer

Now hiring in Oklahoma City, OK.

Job Title: Biomedical Engineer I, II
Reports to: Project Manager
Posted Date: January 21, 2018
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

About MedCAD:

MedCAD is a mid-size Custom Surgical Solutions company based in Dallas, TX. All of our products start with a patient-imaging scan (like a CT), converted into a 3D model, and from there we take the “current” patient anatomy and simulate the surgical outcomes. Given the nature of work, MedCAD utilizes powerful 3D tools to develop high-quality medical devices with a priority on educating and equipping our customers to succeed. If you are a systematic, creative, high-tech collaborator, you will love this opportunity.

Job Description:

  • Design medical devices using 3D CAD technology in accordance with the MedCAD Quality System.
  • Process 3D imaging and models for medical device applications.
  • Interface directly with customers and apply customer feedback to product design.
  • Responsible for project schedules, workflow management, and design based on input from customers.
  • Maintain and manage 3D printers and post-processing.
  • Applications technical support for software and related programs.

Training Requirements:

  • Employee shall be made aware of and trained on all standard procedures relating to their responsibilities and trained in accordance with the MedCAD Quality System.
  • Role involves studying graphic surgical images and videos.

Work Relationships:

  • Works remotely with MedCAD under supervision of director of business development.
  • Works with quality assurance and regulatory outside agencies along with suppliers and internal personnel stakeholders regarding quality system processes.
  • Develop relationships with medical staff and support customer system implementations.

Education Requirements:

  • BS/BA Degree in BioMedical Engineering or equivalent.

Skill Requirements:

  • Relevant experience.
  • Technical Skills: FreeForm Modeling™ and/or Geomagic Studio or equivalent, 3D printing, 3D CAD software, (e.g., Solidworks, CATIA, Pro-E or Autocad or equivalent), Medical terminology, Microsoft Office
  • Soft Skills: Organization, Dealing with Complexity, Communication, Time-management, Implementation, Phone Skills, work under pressure, Active Learner, Networking, Verbal and written Skills, Creativity and Innovation