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July 1, 2019
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May 4, 2020

MedCAD to Aid Hospitals During COVID-19 Supply Shortage

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MedCAD is mobilizing manufacturing towards aiding the hospital supply shortage.

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Ingenuity, Resourcefulness, and Resilience

Nobody asked for this. There’s never a good time for a pandemic. And like many other companies struggling to survive the looming physical and economic threat, the challenge has ignited innovative survival instincts that many have likened to the engineers at ground control for Apollo-13. And like those engineers, we are faced with the common enemies of entropy, limited supplies, and the lack of oxygen – all shared by the vacuum of space and COVID-19. 

It’s this collective race against time and the threat of extinction that evokes values that have been core to American innovation like ingenuity, resourcefulness, and resilience, which have not been seen on such a mass scale since wartime production in the 1930’s and 40’s. This global threat, however, isn’t foreign firepower, it’s a domestic virus smaller than a pinhead.

We are doing everything in our power to enable others to defeat the enemy of Coronavirus.

The hardest hit cities are resorting to DIY PPE and begging for the additional equipment needed to help people breathe and protect caregivers. Everything from N95 masks, other PPE, ventilator valves, connectors, accessories, and other respiratory devices are all in dire need. In recognizing this urgent need, MedCAD has partnered with local Dallas and area hospitals to develop and provide critical PPE and accessories that are in short supply.

Thankfully, our biomedical engineers thrive in the face of these technical challenges. Even with the recent Work From Home policies and additional cleanliness precautions, our team is working nonstop to provide a solution contributing to the wartime effort against Coronavirus. Our doctors and nurses on the front lines of care deserve the full effort of American industry to make protective gear and keep them healthy. Patients are counting on us.  

We’re part of an army of small companies innovating in a wartime effort against an existential threat.

While there does not seem to be any good answers as to why the most innovative and successful country in the world cannot get basic PPE equipment, there is a coalition of small and mid-sized companies like MedCAD rallying behind the scenes to both design and manufacture the equipment that’s in short supply. 

High-stakes engineering challenges are right in MedCAD’s wheelhouse as both an FDA-regulated entity and a custom medical device manufacturer. And as MedCAD mobilizes our efforts towards the hospital supply shortage, we’re humbled to know that at the same time the medals of honor are being earned by the brave (and determined) doctors and nurses working tirelessly to combat this virus. Our hope is to keep them safe. 

It’s us against the invisible clock.