MedCAD Reusable Protective Face Shield is optimized to provide barrier protection to the front and side of the face of the wearer.  This device is covered under the Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.

Why our Face Shield?

Our Face Shields are optimized for resin 3D printers including updated pegs, updated strap fixation, and slimmer profile (which could save material when printing). The headbands and straps are durable and reusable, with replaceable face shields.


  • Durable, Reusable Headbands
  • Disposable Face Shields
  • Flexible, with elastic headband strap
  • Slim profile, comfortable fit
  • Can be used in addition to PPE, eyewear, and face masks
  • Easy to clean


How soon can I order?

Available now! Order

How much do they cost?

Price will vary by quantity.

Where is this device manufactured?

MedCAD Protective Face Shields are proudly manufactured in Dallas, TX, USA.

Are MedCAD Protective Face Shields FDA Approved?

MedCAD Protective Face Shields are devices intended for use by healthcare providers as personal protective equipment in healthcare settings in accordance with CDC recommendations to cover the front and sides of the face and provide barrier protection.

This device is covered under the Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.

The Emergency Use Authorization does not indicate traditional FDA approval, and devices categorized as such should only be used when no approved alternatives are available and only under close medical supervision. 


Design files are downloaded and used at the discretion of the user, and MedCAD is not liable for the manufactured part, or any defect associated with the manufactured part. Manufactured parts may require FDA regulation, which are not the responsibility of MedCAD.

Any design files referenced or provided by MedCAD are provided “as-is” without any warranties or guarantees of any kind, including but not limited to, warranties of fitness for particular purposes, merchantability, or non-infringement. Design files for the manufacture of parts for medical use do not include any registrations or certifications. Users of the design files are solely responsible for their use of the design files and any applicable regulatory approvals (or exceptions thereto) and any claims of liability, including but not limited to products liability or intellectual property infringement, and will indemnify MedCAD for any liability that may result from use of the design files.