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February 25, 2016
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How to Expedite the Customized Medical Device Approval Process


Apple released a subtle update to the iPhone in late 2015 that included a document toolkit intended to make feedback easier. Approval is a critical stage in the production of customized medical devices, so being able to expedite that step shortens the lead time between design and physical device. First in a series of educational installments, we demonstrate how quickly a doctor or surgeon can review a report, make edits and comments, and respond via email through their mobile phone. There are similar functionalities on Android phones as well.

MedCADemy: How to Expedite Approval Process from MedCAD on Vimeo.

The main tools include:

  1. Drawing tool.
  2. Commenting tool.
  3. Signature tool.
  4. Zoom tool.
  5. Auto Email Populating.

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Parker Smith,
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