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March 25, 2020
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November 9, 2020

MedCAD PPE Shop Now Open is Live

On May 4th, 2020 MedCAD launched their online store for protective gear, effectively opening up access to PPE to the medical community and beyond as states and counties begin to reopen after the shelter-in-place orders earlier in March.

Ideal for Hospitals, Clinics, Dental Offices / Labs, Retail, Restaurants, Public Service, Service Professionals, First Responders, or Personal Use.

MedCAD has been working on several new product lines in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The first available are 3D Printed Protective Face Shields, Ear Savers, and Bulk Hand Sanitizer.

“PPE is still in short supply.” says Nancy Hairston, President and CEO of MedCAD. “You can hardly get protective gear at your local hardware store, we’re hoping to fill a void as people start going back to work. And not just for medical professionals in hospitals - but for first responders, service professionals, and retailers as well… the list goes on.”

Parker Smith, Marketing Manager at MedCAD, also remarked about the new PPE Shop. “People have been following our Instagram story of the rapid prototyping process of these devices and have been calling us up for the past several weeks requesting face shields and more. Now that the store has launched, we’ve immediately gone to work shipping order after order. It’s been amazing, and I’m glad people are continuing to be cautious with public health.” 

Pre-COVID 19

Pre COVID-19, MedCAD focused on manufacturing custom implants for neurosurgery and 3D printed accessories for corrective jaw surgery and reconstruction. This requires a high-tech manufacturing facility with 3D printers and mills supported by a team of biomedical engineers and quality assurance. 

Over the past several weeks of innovation, some of the key collaboration occurred through the MedCAD OnSite installation at Texas A&M Health Sciences. “Our filtered face mask design is making extraordinary progress because of the close collaboration with TAMU physicians and surgeons,” Hairston said. “Our presence in the dental school is illuminating a very tangible need for optimized and dynamic supply chain solutions in hospitals. It’s proving that our system provides a much needed service.”

Ear Savers. No more "sore-behind-the-ears."

Beyond PPE, MedCAD is resuming their operations of surgical planning and customized implants. “We’re starting to see some of our regular business returning.” Hairston states. “Elective surgeries like corrective jaw surgery and cranial implants were delayed due to the virus - and as the states open up access, hospitals are slowly permitting more procedures.”

Rapid Prototyping with High Quality

This balance between medical device manufacturing and prototyping puts MedCAD in an ideal position to continue innovating PPE. The FDA requires medical products to be proven safe and effective, and PPE is no exception. That’s why our regulatory team has been hard at work making sure that even with FDA Emergency Use Authorizations our products comply with safety standards. 

Hairston continues, “It’s exciting to have a way to help our community and beyond by giving access to this protective gear. As people start to venture from their homes and reboot their businesses, we’ll need to stay vigilant in protecting one another.”

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