Patient-Specific PEEK Implants (PSI) are comparable to cortical bone and designed from patient scan data to create a customized, patient-specific solution. Synthetic cranioplasties are commonly used as an alternative to bone flaps to fill a defect or void in the cranial skeleton. Neurosurgeons have a wide selection of cranioplasty products to choose from, including PEEK polymer, PMMA, Acrylic, and titanium mesh. New products are gradually coming to market, but few boast the clinical specifications of customized PEEK materials. Many doctors prefer PEEK because of the material durability combined with the ease of use in the OR. For a patient-matched cranioplasty, the customizable nature of PEEK lends itself to manufacture, ship, and autoclave well at a competitive price point. Patient-matched implants benefit from many of the same advantages of Digital Surgery Planning (for example, CMF reconstruction or trauma) in that the advanced preparation can reduce operating room time, reduce risk, and improve surgical outcomes.
Patient-Specific PEEK Implant after Titanium Explant
January 30, 2017
Online Service Request Training
May 25, 2017

New Mobile Service Request

Life happens on the go, especially in the medical field.

We don’t need to tell you that paper forms add work to your busy schedule. Those forms, however, are significant and crucial for the product or service you are requesting. Instead of waiting until you get to a computer, imagine if you could start the workflow for your custom medical device from your phone. That’s why we’re launching a MedCAD Mobile Service Request to supplement our ordering process. It’s convenient, it’s fast, it’s easy.

Click here to view Service Request Training video (3.5 minutes). Highly recommended.

TL;DR: custom medical device ordering now available on through an easy online form accessible via mobile device and other internet-connected computers.


The Service Request is available on mobile devices, making it easy and convenient to fill out while in an elevator hustling to your next appointment. MedCAD approaches every case with detail and focus, so having the necessary information up front helps us get started quicker and make your customers happy.  All of our products can be ordered through the same Service Request instead of using different forms.

The MedCAD Online Service Request is supplemental to all current MedCAD paper forms, and it’s available right on the home page in the “Quick Links” section. The Service Request is accessible via desktop computers, laptops, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Apple and Android mobile devices.

In terms of workflow, starting with a Service Request will redirect you to your desired CT submission method (upload or FedEx). If you’re on mobile, you can start your case before sending MedCAD a CT so when we receive the CT we will be ready to start working on the design. Once the Service Request is submitted, you will get an email confirmation including a full order summary which also directly notifies the MedCAD Team to process your case.


The MedCAD Online Service Request is designed for quick completion because the sooner we get complete information, the better prepared we are to meet your timing needs. It takes less than 2-3 minutes on average to complete the service request. The progress bar at the top shows how many steps are remaining until your submission is complete.

MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions


Every point of data MedCAD receives about a case is called “input.” Some input is required to start a case, but without filling out a form or service request that information can take days to gather. The Online Service Request asks for the information we need to get started on a case up front, which means less time worrying about if MedCAD has everything and more time making progress (not to mention less emails, texts, and calls).

It’s true that custom medical devices take involvement beyond your normal generic part. That doesn’t mean it has to be busy or difficult to accomplish. If you have limited access to a computer/cell/online or order form, call the MedCAD Hotline for immediate help. The MedCAD Online Service Request is a supplemental tool to make the ordering process as easy as possible.

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