New Mobile Service Request
May 23, 2017
Small Businesses in the Custom PEEK Market
June 9, 2017

Online Service Request Training

Check out this brief training video (3.5 minutes). Learn some of the thoughts behind it here.

Click here to go to the MedCAD Service Request.


Hi, welcome to MedCADemy. Thanks for your time.
This video is to review the MedCAD online service request.
A tool to make ordering convenient, fast, and easy.
First, go to You will see a version of this home screen.
The very first button is a service request – a supplemental tool for the current MedCAD order forms.

Step 1:
First thing you will notice is a progress bar at the top of the service request indicating how much progress is left in the service request.
So then you’ll hit next.

Step 2:
From here you will select your role, whether that is sales representative, surgeon, or office assistant.
We’ll stick with the sales representative for now.

Here we will type our contact information.
It is important to have thorough contact information for everyone involved as these are customized medical devices.
And then lastly the hospital.

If the surgery is already scheduled, you will indicate it here. Otherwise you will be placed in the standard MedCAD design queue once we receive a service request and a CT.
From there, you’ll hit next.

Step 3:
Here you will select your MedCAD products.
In the past, you had to search for individual order forms, which are still accessible.
But with this form, you can select multiple products at once.
For the sake of the demo, I will select all of them.
We have AccuShape PEEK Cranial Implants, AccuPlan Orthognathic Planning, AccuModel 3D Anatomical Models, and an alternative for if you’re not sure but need to get a case started.

So then you’ll hit next.

Step 4:
This next page will populate based on the previous selection, so if you picked just PEEK implants it will show just PEEK implant questions, if you picked AccuModel, it will show just AccuModel questions. Again, for the sake of review we will scroll through all of them.

There are some required fields, and some not required fields like add-ons.
It is important to get all of the input up front so we can start a case with sufficient caainformation to meet your timeframe.
Here we will scroll through the different options, this section will be longer or shorter depending on how many product types you are ordering.

Step 5:
For virtual surgical planning, and for more complicated cases, we can schedule an online meeting.

To do that, we will select yes, and select the time that is most convenient for you.
Let’s pick 5:30pm for example.

These fields are intended for the person attending the online meeting. Usually, the surgeon is the one attending the online meeting. If you would like to be CC’d on the invite, please indicate that in the special instructions.

If this is for a case that has already been submitted, you can add the corresponding case number and notes below.

From there you complete the appointment, which automatically sends the attendee meeting credentials and login to their email.

Step 6:
This last page determines where the form takes you when you complete the service request.
In most cases we recommend uploading a CT, but in instances requiring additional materials like dental stone models we have a FedEx label generator as well. In the case of already submitting or waiting on a CT, you can indicate that here and still submit the service request.

Two more details and you’re done!
Thanks for your time and contact us if you have questions.