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Service Requests may be completed on your mobile device.
Upload a CT for quick processing after a Service Request.
For questions or instructions, please contact us.

Upload CT

Upload a CT for a Faster Response

Computer CT Upload:

Step 1: Insert CD

Step 2: Locate and right-click “DICOM” folder and save as .ZIP file.

  • Most DICOM folders are around 100-200MB. DICOM.DIR is not the DICOM data folder.
  • If you are having trouble finding the right folder, just compress and send the whole disc.
  • Some hospitals have internet firewalls that may prevent access to the upload portal. If you encounter this problem, please FedEx the disc to our office.
  • If you need assistance, please call our office at +1 (214) 453-8864.

How to Save DICOM as a .ZIP folder:
Windows: Right Click folder > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder > Agree to place on Desktop
Mac: Right Click folder > Compress “[Folder Name]” > Agree to place on Desktop

Step 3: Once DICOM folder is in .ZIP format, choose it in the file uploader.

Help: For help with the Upload Process, please call our office.

FedEx CT

As of April 13, 2020,
We have an updated shipping address during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

Please send shipments to:

Company: MedCAD
To: Charles Ritchie
3242 Herman Dr, Garland, TX 75041
(214) 453-8864