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January 4, 2018
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Orthognathic Surgeon Survey

Orthognathic Surgeon Preference Survey

About the Survey

These profile types help pair surgeons up to the most appropriate designer for an Online Planning Session or GoToMeeting (GTM).

Think of it as a matrix of PREP STYLE and INVOLVEMENT. Some surgeons provide a lot of info before a case, some provide none. Those same surgeons may try to control the planning session, some may be more passive and want the designer to drive. An orthognathic surgeon will fall somewhere on the Involvement spectrum: SERGEANT > BOSS > REVIEWER, and somewhere on the Prep Style spectrum: DETAIL > PARTIAL > BLANK SLATE.

Surgeon Profile Types


This surgeon type prefers to have maximum control over the planning session, telling the designer step-by-step what movements/adjustments to make to patient anatomy.

Preferred Designer: Troop – Does what is asked, right when it is asked, and discusses afterwords.


This surgeon type prefers to collaborate with an expert, valuing back-and-forth discussion with the designer about best clinical approach.

Preferred Designer: Consultant – Collaborator, willing to provide feedback and design expertise real-time to problem-solve together with the surgeon.


This surgeon type prefers to spend as little time on the planning session as possible, reviewing the movements already made by a designer and “going through the checklist” to make sure everything is as intended.

Preferred Designer: Author – Takes full initiative for the case, having a recommended outcome prepared when surgeon arrives to planning session.

Surgeon Preparation Style:

These preparation types help MedCAD best optimize the planning session.


Prefers sends detailed instructions for plan via order forms, stone models, drawings, uploads, etc.


Prefers to send some general information regarding plan (to save time), then get into the specifics on the planning session.


Prefers to send patient data and make all planning decisions while on the planning session.

Options on the Surgeon Preference Survey

Apart from being an expert, my ideal designer is someone who:

  1. Gives me maximum control over the planning session, so I can tell them step-by-step what movements/adjustments to make to patient anatomy.
  2. Actively evaluates what I’m saying and provides feedback when appropriate, like a consultant collaborating to find the best clinical approach.
  3. Takes initiative and plans the entire case before the planning session, so when it is time for me to review the plan it feels more like a pre-surgery checklist.

Orthognathic Surgeon Preference Survey


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