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What’s the status?! How to keep track of your Customized Medical Device

What's the status-

You’re firing away at a new case, send the CT to MedCAD, and you want to make sure the case is moving with all the details. It’s important to know if radiology followed protocol, or if MedCAD even got the CT to begin with. Aspiring to be “the most sales-friendly medical device company in the world,” we designed an entire notification system that will keep you in the loop.

  1. CT Received – send your CT via Upload or FedEx, and you will be notified via email when we receive the CT.
  2. CT Status – once our engineers evaluate the CT, they will respond with CT approval status. Once approved, we will continue to preliminary design.
  3. Planning Arrangement – while we design, you coordinate with the doctor for a web meeting, if necessary. Then, we send a report for manufacturing approval.
  4. Doctor Approval – this point can be elusive, as both hospitals and doctors typically need to approve the design. The quicker we get approval, the quicker we can ship the product.
  5. Shipping – when the product is packed and ready to ship, you will receive confirmation from FedEx with a shipping number.

These five notifications represent the majority of normal correspondence between MedCAD and a representative. You can also visualize the surgical plan or anatomy with the AccuPlan™ iPad app, part of the AccuPlan™ Surgical Planning Suite.

The AccuPlan™ Surgical Planning Suite is a biomedical engineering service provided by MedCAD to bridge the engineering gap between CT scan data and a deliverable product. AccuPlan™ is designed as an aide in case visualization, allowing representatives and doctors to access case imaging through secure user-specific accounts. Commenting, measurement, and feedback tools are used to assist users as a conceptual aide.

AccuPlan™ has come a long way since it’s 2012 pilot, leveraging the digital surgical planning software as a powerful anatomical visualizer. The software has expanded beyond its original orthognathic limitations to cranioplasty, oral surgery, and anatomical visualization.

Download the AccuPlan™ iPad App

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Parker Smith,
Product Marketing Coordinator | MedCAD