Custom Surgical Solutions®

Custom Surgical Solutions®

Patient-Specific Products

MedCAD® Customized Products are innovative patient-specific devices and plans based on patient scan data. The products are individually designed to meet clinical needs of a patient as prescribed by a surgeon, reducing risk and OR time. Utilize MedCAD clinical design to customize cranial maxillofacial medical devices.

Surgical Planning

AccuPlan® Surgical Planning utilizes the latest advancements in clinical design and CAD software to virtually plan clinical operations. Preoperative planning helps define measurable variables within a surgery with the ability to review the case prior to entering the operating room.

AT MedCAD, we create patient-specific devices using innovative 3D planning techniques in order to empower and pioneer the delivery of customized medical devices.

Fast Turnaround

Time-sensitive surgeries often require immediate, customized solutions. MedCAD Fast Track™ expedites your domestic case to meet urgency needs. Learn More >

Clinical Design

With surgeon input, MedCAD clinical designers provide a patient-specific solution using digital representations of patient anatomy. Surgeon input is often gathered through a brief online meeting with MedCAD. Learn more >

MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

Patient-Specific Solutions

MedCAD leverages individual patient scan data to develop patient-specific products. Patient-specific implants, surgical planning, and 3D models surpass their generic counterparts by providing a solution designed for a specific patient. Learn more >

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January 4, 2018
MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

MedCAD 2017 Year in Review

At the forefront of medical innovation, patient-specific surgical solutions are becoming increasingly affordable and the preferred standard of care. That’s why in 2018 we are working […]
June 30, 2017
MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

PEEK vs PEKK, PMMA, Porous Polyethylene, and Titanium Mesh

When selling cranioplasty implants, how do you beat the competition? Know the pro’s and con’s of each material. Here is a list of cranioplasty products used […]

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